Friday, February 27, 2015

This is a test. I repeat. The is ONLY a test.....

So, we really are terrible at blogging....I need to update....I don't even know where to begin....I'm thinking I will try my best to sit down Saturday and catch it up.  Post a comment if anyone even checks it anymore :(

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August, 2014

Hey folks!  School is in "mostly" full swing.  I think we are all still adjusting to the routine.  The boys love their new schools and teachers.  Jacob is in 3rd grade and his homework level has doubled :(  But - he's not complaining and he's doing great!  Jacob also started taking piano lessons.  He has had 2 lessons and he really enjoys it and is doing well.

In other news....I started my own business this week!  It's an errand running service for locals around here.  I've had 1 client so far :)  I am currently passing out flyers/brochures and am trying to gain clients.  I also started a Facebook page for the business.  This is new territory for me so I'm quite nervous - but really hope it does well as I sure don't like sitting around the house and I really don't want to go back to an office setting.  
my business:  All Around Errands
Jacob and daddy in their first duet:  Duet #1  and their 2nd (this one features Ryan vs. the pillows) Duet #2
I tried to just load the videos here - but was having trouble so you can view them from the facebook link for now.

On to September!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Back to School!

Here we go!  Another school year has begun.  Ryan has started at Lee Co. Pre-K and Jacob is in 3rd grade at Twin Oaks Elementary School.  They both had a great first day and are excited about everything.  Jacob was most excited about the fact that at his new school, he has a choice at lunch time between 2 items.  He also loves his music teacher!  Ryan was excited to see his little buddy Logan who is a foster child that goes to church with us.    They love to play together.  Ryan also likes the playground and his teachers.  Hank went back to school too - but I didn't make a cute chalkboard sign for him.....

Monday, August 04, 2014

From Texas to tree houses to matching tee shirts to Tarpon Springs.....What a summer 2014 has been!

WOW, where to begin.  This may be the most traveled summer we've ever had.  We started off in early June with KidzBlast at our church (VBS).  And, yes, it was a blast!  The following week, we loaded up the van and headed on a 2-day trek towards Texas to visit with the Texas Carters.  We all had a blast swimming and eating (the 2 things we seem to do when we are there).  It was great to get together as always.  Already looking forward to next time :)

After a week in Texas, we headed to Louisiana to visit with Papaw & Grandma.  They were beyond excited to see us and dad had a special project planned for the week.  In just a few days we built a tree house for the boys!  It was a fun project and great memories were made.

We returned home from Louisiana after being gone for 2 weeks.  We stayed home for about 5 days and then we hit the road again for PA.  21 members of the family headed to Allentown, PA to Bear Creek Mountain Resort to celebrate Great Aunt Phyllis' 90th birthday!  We all had such a great time and I think we are all awaiting her 95th birthday so we can have another big party.


After our 2-day trek home from PA (which was a beautiful drive there and back!) we enjoyed some rest for a few days.  Hank took a week and went back to work for one of his camps.  Sadly on the day we left to head for PA, we learned that Nana Jan had passed away.  A service was planned for her in mid July.  So after a few weeks home, we took a 3 day weekend trip to Tarpon Springs/Palm Harbor to visit with Umpah and attend her memorial service.  

Here is Ryan after our quick trip to the beach after being in the car 6 hours prior.  We made the most of our 3 days in FL that's for sure!

And now, as I type this, we are 3 days from the first day of school for BOTH the boys!  Yes, Ryan will start Pre-K and Jacob will be in 3rd grade.  This will be a new routine for all of us and a huge change for me as this will be the first time in 8 years that I have no boys at home.  I sure will miss my peanut as we've made some fun memories these 4 years  at home.  He is beyond excited to go to "big boy" school and I know he will do great!  

And lastly, today is our 13th Anniversary!  We are celebrating by going to one of our favorite restaurants tonight.  

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Where to begin.....Sorry we have slacked on the blog :(  Here's what's been going on this spring at the Georgia Carters homefront.....

Jacob finished 2nd grade today!  He has had a wonderful year.  He grew a TON physically and socially and academically.  He's very excited about a new school in the fall and starting 3rd grade.

 The last few weeks of school for Jacob were fun.  His teacher ROCKS!  They had a class talent show and Jacob starred in his first cooking show!  He received cooking stuff for his birthday and was excited to put it all to use.  His was the only entry of it's kind in his class. (Everyone else sang "Let it Go") HA!

 Ryan finished out his year at his little "school".  Here he is with his fellow 3 year old classmates presenting the cutest end of year program!  Yes - I cried through the entire thing :(  I have found that I cry at the end of EVERY year end program with the boys :(

 Happy Mother's Day!
 Jacob a few days after his birthday making us some yummy roasted carrots.

 Birthday meal at Chili's No kids meal for this big boy!  

 Ryan finished up his first year in Cubbies program at church and this was quite the show as you would imagine 3 and 4 year olds :)
 Jacob's field day was fun.  They don't compete at the primary school so all the activities are just for fun.  Next year they will try for ribbons, etc. :)

 Happy Easter!  
Well - I think that catches everyone up... Looking forward to June!  We travel to Texas for a visit and then on to Louisiana for a week.  Then back home for a few days, then off to PA!  Trying to work in a FL trip somehow - but not sure if it is possible.  :(  Stay tuned for more adventures

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring Update

Wow ... we really need to do a better job of keeping the blog updated.

Well, here's an update on what has been going on around here since our last post.

In February we celebrated Ryan's 4th birthday.  (Can you believe it?!)  We celebrated his actual birthday with family presents and birthday cupcakes.  That weekend we invited some of his friends to come over for a birthday party!  We made a Snoopy cake, and everyone enjoyed playing in the back yard.

Later that month, Jacob's school celebrated the birthday of Dr. Seuss with some special reading days, including a day where students were encouraged to dress like their favorite character.  Jacob chose Horton the Elephant.

At the beginning of March, we learned that Jacob had an AWESOME report card from school, so we decided to take both boys to see their first movie -- the LEGO movie!  It was awesome!

In the middle of the month, the Lee County High School bands took the stage at Cairo High School, about an hour and a half south(ish) of here.  The Wind Ensemble, which is the top group, played a Level V/VI program (Level VI is the highest possible) and earned Straight Superior ratings - the best you can get!  The Symphonic Band played a Level III/IV program and earned an overall Excellent rating with a Superior in sightreading.  Their Excellent rating was very close to a Superior.

Last week, Jacob's class sang in a program at school all about vegetables.  He was a carrot.  :)  His friend Kasmere was "Herb" the gardener.

Jacob was also named Model Student for his class in March!  Way to go, Jacob!

Yesterday, Jacob and Tammy and I ran a 5K at Legacy Park.  The park is owned by our church, so it was nice to do our "first" race in a friendly and familiar environment.  Ryan wanted to run, too.  Maybe next year.  (The youngest race entrant was 6 years old, I think.)

(If there are any pictures of me in the race, I haven't seen them yet.)

Today, the Children's Choir at church sang in the evening service.  First, we had two songs with the Play-N-Praise kids and the older kids, so Jacob and Ryan were on the platform together.  (Somehow I don't have any pictures of this, but stay tuned for a video.)  Then they sang three songs featuring just the elementary choir.  They did a great job!  The focus was a lot less on motions and a lot more on actual singing.  Hooray!!

And we're all caught up!  February and March were great months for our family!